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Music in Columbus (MIC) exists to foster and promote traditional, contemporary and multicultural music in Columbus, Georgia. MIC seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in all forms of music through education, networking, advocacy and professional and field development. LEARN MORE >>

Monday, July 28, 2008
LOCAL: Keni Thomas' new "Shreveport to L.A." VIDEO

Take action. Here's your chance to help a local, Keni Thomas get some airplay on GAC...

WEB -- Watch the video. Leave a comment.
Keni may have scooted off to Nashville not too long ago, but this former "Cornbread" songwriter has a new video on GAC (Great American Country) to view and comment on right here.

RADIO -- Request now.
  • Rooster 106 Request Lines --> 706-596-5106 | 800-445-4106
  • ROCK 103 Request Line --> (24/7) 706.323.3103

    TV -- Coming soon.
    GAC will be adding the video into rotation later this week. Look out for a notice from MIC urging you to go VOTE for him.

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