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Music in Columbus (MIC) exists to foster and promote traditional, contemporary and multicultural music in Columbus, Georgia. MIC seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in all forms of music through education, networking, advocacy and professional and field development. LEARN MORE >>

Monday, December 1, 2008
FW: "What a Great MIC Night" from Pat Patten
Hey everybody - just a quick message to say again what an absolute pleasure it was to see (and hear) everybody last night. It as a great show! Thanks to each of you who so generously gave your time and talent! Also, please share this with all of your musicians who played so well. CD sales were strong and will help the effort to produce 10 Songs - Vol #2. Plus with a packed house on the holiday eve, I'm sure many more people are now Music In Columbus FANS. A special thanks to Sean who stepped in when Bill wasn't able to MC. Also Buddy sends his heartfelt appreciation all the way from Tianjin China. As you know they say "it's the company you keep" and last night I felt honored to keep yours. Wishing you the very best 2009 - Happy Thanksgiving!



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