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Monday, November 3, 2008
NSAI November Notes
From Nona:


(Don't forget to vote for Keni Thomas on GAC everyday)

"It All Begins With A Song"
Our workshop this month is Tuesday, November 11 - 7 PM

Rivertown Showdown - Wednesday, November 5 - 8:00 PM
(THE LOFT) The first Showdown was GREAT. There was an
attentive audience that "listened" and showed respect
to all our songwriter/artist. Reminded me of The

Two finalist were selected for the Big Showdown, Dec. 17. This week two more will be selected. The audience gets a chance to vote for "best performance".

Come out and support your fellow songwriters.
There are several slots left for each week...other than this one, so you can still sign up. Have a wonderful week. Hope to see you Wednesday.



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