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Music in Columbus (MIC) exists to foster and promote traditional, contemporary and multicultural music in Columbus, Georgia. MIC seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in all forms of music through education, networking, advocacy and professional and field development. LEARN MORE >>

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
MIC Compilation sells 100 CDs out-of-the-box
Music in Columbus' long-anticipated compilation CD "Ten Songs from the Edge of Georgia" is back from the manufacturer, then immediately sold the first 100 copies. The Columbus Convention and Visitor's Bureau purchased the order and will be on sale in the Columbus Visitor's Center at 900 Front Avenue in UpTown Columbus, Georgia.'s first CD project delivers a pleasantly blended "jukebox/mixtape" audio journey weaving ten local artists from ten distinct musical genres into one listening experience. From gospel to rock to progressive country, classical, pop and hip-hop, "Ten Songs from the Edge of Georgia" is merely a pinhole of a spotlight into Columbus, Georgia's rich local music scene.

We are still planning a CD Release Party somewhere in Columbus, Georgia this Fall.

Stay Tuned-

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