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Monday, July 16, 2007
Mac McCormick Celebration (July 28 @ The Loft)

After talking with Buddy Nelms and Brad Strickland at the Loft we
have decided to pool our efforts and throw a memorial and wake for
our dear departed friend, Mac McCormick. This "Memorial Wake" will be
held at the Loft on July 28, 2007; the entire event will be recorded,
the resulting recording to be issued as a compilation CD with all
proceeds going to Mac's family in his honor.

Mac's abilities as a luthier touched many lives in and around this
area and we would like to include everyone possible in this most
worthwhile event. All of you who wish to donate your talents need to
contact me as soon as possible and please pass this message along to
all your friends and associates that you think may like to
participate and/or attend. This will be a magic night of fantastic
music straight from the heart as a tribute to Mac.

We will keep everyone abreast of future developments as they arise
and thank you all for your dedication to our local folkheroes.

Rick Edwards
CFMS, Inc.
Chattahoochee Folk Music Society


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